The New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association is an industry association that represents farmers, processors and other businesses in cannabis. We emphasize the importance of environmental sustainability, consumer conscious practices, and community building in all that we do.
As the cannabis industry develops in New York and across the country, we want to ensure that small and midscale companies can participate in the industry. We actively advocate for laws and regulations that support New York growers, processors and other cannabis businesses. We also directly work with communities across the state to encourage a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable cannabis industry.
We believe that these values are   How New York Grows
The New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association is an organization of cannabis growers, processors and industry partners committed to an economically vibrant, consumer conscious, and diverse cannabis industry. Our industry is strongest when New York small and midscale farms prosper. Through our advocacy and education efforts, we emphasize the importance of care and well-being for our communities, our environment, and our employees.


We are cannabis growers and processors who teamed up to build a cannabis industry in New York State that works for growers and processors from Day One. As the cannabis industry matures in states across the country we see familiar patterns emerge. Small and mid-scale producers are being squeezed out of the market while big industry players install regulations that serve their interests over those of consumers and producers. We amplify the voices of our members to advocate for a vibrant, inclusive, and humane cannabis industry in New York State.


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