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Cannabis in the Workplace

October 20 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In 2018, the Farm Bill took industrial hemp out of the Controlled Substances Act and gave cannabis some legality at the Federal level for the first time in nearly a century. This followed closely on the heels of adult-use cannabis legalization, and now, just two states prohibit any form of cannabis.

The “Green Wave” taking over the country is why employers – including hemp and cannabis businesses themselves – are confronted with their employees’ use of the very products they sell, in the context of employment laws that have failed to “keep up.”

This includes employees’ off-duty and on-duty use of cannabis, revisiting drug testing laws, and wrestling with the conflicts between federal law where cannabis remains illegal in any form with states where cannabis is legal for adult and/or medicinal use.

This seminar will provide much-needed guidance to hemp businesses in the employment area by:

  • Briefly summarize employment laws outside of cannabis that are directly impacting employers in the hemp industry. This will include classification of employees, employment laws specifically addressing agriculture employees, and risks of “wage and hour” claims;
  • Giving an overview of the conflict between federal and state cannabis laws and how legislation and courts address those conflicts;
  • Providing you with the tools necessary to navigate the confusing patchwork of employment laws relating to accommodating employees’ off-duty medicinal use and drug testing; and finally
  • Reviewing “Best Practices” that you can implement to ensure compliance with the law.


National Industrial Hemp Council
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