Andrew’s company, HR Botanicals, LLC, obtained one of the earliest licenses to grow and process hemp in New York State. Andrew takes a horticultural approach to growing his crop, hand cultivating all his plants with the goal of maximizing cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Andrew strives to connect people who use his brand, Source Botanica, with the source of its goodness–the sun, soil and nutrient rich earth. His work also crosses into research on the use of cannabis medicines in clinical settings. He works with a team of clinicians and research scientists in understanding how cannabis medicines effect our bodies. Andrew worked for over ten years as a healthcare attorney where he advocated on behalf of individuals and organizations involving a range of healthcare access issues. As a Co-Founder of the New York State Cannabis Growers and Processors Association, he now uses his skills as an attorney to legalize and improve access to safe cannabis products. He played a key role in developing language and strategy for the Hemp Extract Bill passed during the 2019 legislative session.